$995 per year 🤯

We are the RTI/MTSS/Suicide Prevention solution that covers your entire school (Tier 1), small groups (Tier 2) and the students who are struggling the most (Tier 3).

Deliver to your students mental health resources and positive psychology that is equitable and accessible to all.

Tier 1

Suicide Prevention

Crisis Plans

Quarterly SWAG 🎉

School Tip line

Checkin App

Daily Pulse

Monday Morning Brew

Newsletter Content

Branded Webpage

Podcasts for Teens/Parents

Teen QnA

Weekly Webinar

Tier 2

100+ Lesson Plans 🔥

Shareable Resources

Small Group Interventions

Homeroom Helpers

Back to School Fun

Parent Night Solutions

Tier 3

1-to-1 Text Support

10 Text Support Licenses

7 days a week

Proactive Text Messages

Surveys via Text

Feel Good Friday 😊

School Dashboard

Additional Text Support Licenses for as Little as $25 per Year

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