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"School counselors, teachers and administrators are seeing the value of SchoolPulse, but one of the greatest strengths is the opportunity for parents/guardians to participate. When the messages are viewed by both kids and adults, it can spark the conversations that need to take place in homes and with trusted adults outside of the school setting. Schools are limited in what they can and should do and SchoolPulse becomes an effective tool for parents and families."
Debbie Critchfield
Idaho Superintendent of Public Instruction

"SchoolPulse has bridged a gap between students and school counselors by allowing students to anonymously check in with your online team. We appreciate the feedback on the professional dashboard side which allows us to gain a truer vision of our students' well-being. The staff is able to encourage students to use the SchoolPulse counselors when we are not available. SchoolPulse is providing dialogue with students and their mental health awareness. This program is every school counselor's friend! Thanks for being a part of our journey to providing support for our kids' mental health needs. I believe that this is the best program...in the world. We are completely loving SchoolPulse!!!"
Patty O’Hare
Lead Counselor at Texico, New Mexico

"What I love about SchoolPulse is that it is a whole school positive behavior intervention that gives us a proactive connection to our students. This connection helps drive our intervention efforts."
Justin Keate
Desert Hills Principal

"SchoolPulse has been a terrific resource for our students. Our parent advisory committee, staff and school board agreed that we should offer this resource to our students, staff and parents. We are a small district and have limited staff to provide counseling to our students. Plus, students don't always seek the resources that we have on campus. They seem to appreciate the environment of chatting through text messages with someone that is "anonymous." Some students were surprised by the fact that they were chatting with a real person, not a bot. We have been using SchoolPulse just about three months and already have had two circumstances where Iuri with SchoolPulse personally called to make us aware of critical needs. Both circumstances resulted in two students being relieved that we followed up with them and both received help immediately. Teachers have also used the lessons with classes to help support social emotional learning in their classroom. SchoolPulse has already proved itself as an invaluable resource."
Waverly Criswell
Principal @ Elida Municipal Schools, NM

"My school is new to SchoolPulse. It is a fantastic addition to our SEL staff. We have 6 counselors, an Intervention Specialist, and a Social Worker. With 3,000 students, SchoolPulse expands our capacity for our Tier 1 students. I am greatly relieved, as I often get upset with the lack of time in a day to reach EVERY student who needs to talk. In fact, SP helped us out just this past week. One of our seniors told SP she was pregnant. She stated she knew me and the Social Worker but hadn’t told us. I was on alert! Sure enough, a teacher told me she overheard a conversation. I pulled in the student—whom I knew very well—and asked. It was her; she was afraid to tell me as she did not want to disappoint me. Thank you SchoolPulse!!"
Susan Hennessy
Prevention & Intervention Specialist

"SchoolPulse has been an awesome addition to our campus as it has acted as a supplement to the students we are seeing as well as students who may feel uncomfortable reaching out to us directly. Students enjoy the regular messages from the wonderful staff from SchoolPulse and these interactions create virtual bonds which allow students to feel comfortable being vulnerable."
Talasha Thues, MSW
School Social Worker

"Wow! I’ve worked with many vendors and products throughout the years. SchoolPulse is one of the few (if not the only) programs and strategies that I’m 100% sold on. That said, I just want to say a sincere thanks, and I’ll be looking for ways to expand SchoolPulse in our district and state."
Casey Yates
Director of Student Services @ Warren County Public Schools Kentucky

"School Pulse has been an excellent and awesome resource to support students, staff and families!! Through School Pulse we were able to identify students displaying high risk behaviors putting themselves in danger. We were able to reach these students, keep them safe and provide interventions. The podcasts and work sheet were a valuable tool to supplement SEL curriculum and support classroom instruction. So many wonderful resources all in one place! I cannot say enough positive things about this resource. As a mental health professional working with a school I strongly endorse school pulse."
Jacquie S.

"SchoolPulse was an answered prayer for me as a principal. Students' emotional well-being after the pandemic was crucial in dealing with issues and building those relationships with students. By the responses I was able to view, I know students took advantage of the program. They were able to connect with a person who could give them sound advice, encouragement, or just an ear to listen. We will continue to provide SchoolPulse to our students at Guy-Perkins High School and would encourage others to do the same."
Timothy Barnes
Principal @ Guy-Perkins HS

"When it comes to meeting the emotional needs of our students, and fostering a climate of mental excellence to an entire school and district, SchoolPulse stands above as a Tier 1,2, & 3 solution that actually delivers measurable outcomes, and doesn't further burden admins, counselors, or teachers."
Andrew Grover
Idaho Administrator and Superintendent Association (IASA) Executive Director and former Superintendent

"Last summer we were introduced to SchoolPulse. When reviewing their services, they demonstrated that they can provide support in a way which preserves the privacy and dignity of those in need. We decided to take a chance and gave them a try.

During the course of the school year, SchoolPulse had 18,000 positive interactions with students and parents in our secondary schools. This included students communicating suicidal ideation, sexual abuse, and other significant traumatic events and ongoing concerns. The students communicating through this platform are now receiving the support they need. These interactions are from students who likely would have never visited the counseling office. Even if the students were willing to seek help from our counselors, there is no way our counseling team could have addressed the additional 18,000 student concerns on top of their already overwhelming schedule to address student needs. These students did not want the stigma of being "the kid needing services" on them. They did not want their peers to tease/bully them about needing to visit a counselor. They did not feel they had a trusted adult or significant other to confide in. These interactions would have never taken place if SchoolPulse was not accessible to our students.

The online access platform of SchoolPulse allows students to scan a QR code in confidence with their cell phone and engage in anonymous texting interactions where it is comfortable for students when they are in need (7 Days a week), without making an appointment, and receive help from trained professionals who guide and support them during their struggles.The data we receive from them has shown that when our students interact with their team, they are able to raise their level of well being by 50% through these positive and encouraging interactions.

SchoolPulse is a great source of support which we believe has significantly contributed to improving the mental health and well being of students in need. Thank you!!"
Darren Heslep
Principal of Green River High School, Wyoming

"School Pulse has opened the door to students who very often don't have a voice. Students are using what they know best and that is their ability to communicate via text! Whether it's that they broke up with their "GF" or "BF", feeling guilty or saddened by an experience or feeling confused about what college to select, our students are asking questions and seeking help. School Pulse offers students, who ordinarily wouldn't ask questions or speak up for one reason or another, an anonymous platform that offers them encouraging words and a way to get necessary help when needed. With over 19,000 texts in less than 3 weeks time, School Pulse has opened up our student's door to hope, resilience and recovery!"
Kim Guinn
Cocke County, TN

"Our school has loved the resource that is SchoolPulse. With only having it available to our students for less than a year, our counseling staff is strongly advocating for continuing to use SchoolPulse in our schools. However, we didn't have to advocate very hard, because it has spoken for itself. Unfortunately, we have had situations where our students have reached out to SchoolPulse in their time of need, and through their support, SchoolPulse and the counseling team at our school were able to communicate and get the student the support they need. Every school should have SchoolPulse available to their students! The conversations are meaningful, powerful, empowering, and in some cases, life saving!"
McKenzi Williams
Lead Counselor at Lincoln MS

"School Pulse has added an additional and critical component to our Tier I SEL programing. This incredible tool is connecting students who are ready for in person support to site staff, while it also supports those who are just needing a trusted adult to reassure or guide them though all the challenging things facing our current generation."
Misti Andrews
Tolleson District Prevention Coordinator Project Manager

"As Washington County School District superintendent I am always looking for ways to help us be more effective and efficient in ensuring high levels of learning for all students. Today's students have so many things to distract and interfere with learning, and life in general. SchoolPulse is a very affordable Tier I & Tier III intervention and support for our students and staff. It is organized and operated by professionals, and structured to build intrinsic motivation, and awareness, which is inclined to foster skills and routines that build resilience in our students. Additionally, it provides a real-time picture and pulse regarding student and school wide morale and atmosphere. It works very well with the PBIS program, and for its minimal cost is well worth the investment."
Larry Bergeson
Former WCSD Superintendent

"School Pulse is very valuable tool in our School Counselor tool box.

SchoolPulse has the ability to reach students that other methodologies cannot.

You never know when, but many times I’ve seen how that one text message lets our students know there is something better. Even 2 minutes of communication through text with one of SchoolPulse’s team members, can help to bring our students down from the emotional peak they may be experiencing. Texting is an easy and a very relevant means of communication for today's adolescent. If it helps just one of my students it is worth the money invested, but I’ve see it help many more than just one!

It is very beneficial for students that may not be at a crisis point, but that just need a way to increase their awareness of who they are, and allow them to express themselves in ways that they may not in person.

I am a firm believer that SchoolPulse’s mode of communication with our students, encourages them to discuss not only their personal struggles, but their successes as well."
Kenny Pollock
Lead Counselor, Desert Hills Middle School

"SchoolPulse is so slick! Once you get it set up with students, it just does its thing, leaving us the ability to focus our efforts on what matters most, while also having this incredible safety net for our students. SchoolPulse has been invaluable and life-saving for our students and parents"
Erica Taft
District SEL Coordinator

"Within minutes, a day in the life of a middle schooler can go from amazing to terrible. Even with 3 full-time counselors, I feel like we do not have enough time in the day to reach the needs of all of our 800 students. I am so thankful we were able to join forces with SchoolPulse last year. Many students reached out to a SchoolPulse professional with REALLY. BIG. STUFF. And small stuff. And lots of regular day-to-day stuff. Not only are the adults behind the scenes trained, but they are really, really patient and kind. (Even when they received ridiculous teenage responses!)

I appreciate that SchoolPulse is a SAFE place for our kids to talk to someone, anonymously. Pictures can not be exchanged, and parents can follow the texting thread on their child's phone. Our middle schoolers like that SchoolPulse doesn't take up space on their phones because an app doesn't need to be downloaded. Counselors and administrators have the ability to read over messages being sent between students and SchoolPulse staff. One of the cool things though, is we don't HAVE to monitor the conversations, because that's what SchoolPulse does! Last year, when students shared something concerning, SchoolPulse pinned the message thread so we could find it easily, and CALLED us. How awesome is that?!

Thank you, SchoolPulse!"
Michele Kimle
8th Grade Counselor Hastings Middle School

"SchoolPulse’s kindness to our students and willingness to help our team achieve our suicide prevention and student wellness efforts are unmatched. SchoolPulse is awesome!"
Emily Kristowiak
School Counselor Tri-County Area SD, WI

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